AEMC's Strategic Plan

Our strategic direction

Why we do what we do

We work for Australia’s future productivity and living standards, by contributing to a decarbonising, affordable and reliable energy system for consumers

How we do it

We lead, collaborate, adapt and influence

What we do

We listen, make practical rule changes and provide expert advice in a rapidly changing world

Where we want to be

We deliver effective outcomes for consumers through practical rule changes and expert advice

We improve the energy market through more forward-thinking action and decisions 

We continuously adapt the way we engage and collaborate with all stakeholders

Our priority Initiatives

We will focus our effort over the next 12 months on the following initiatives...


A new decision-making framework so that we deliver timely and effective rule changes when they are needed 


A prioritisation framework ensuring focus on the most important issues through structured and consistent approaches


Better engagement and collaboration with stakeholders to build support and consensus for change across the sector


‘Brevity’ - improved accessibility and effectiveness of our work and supporting communications


Forward thinking to consider where the sector is moving and deliver the right outcomes


Effective collaboration with market bodies will lead to better long-term outcomes for energy consumers 


Continuing to invest in our people to enhance and develop our ways of working to deliver on our strategic plan 

A message from Anna and Benn

Never in its existence has the role of the Commission in being forward looking and thinking about the long term been as important as it is today.

Getting the settings right now for the future energy market opens up the potential for enormous benefits from cleaner, smarter, affordable and reliable energy.

Anna Collyer


Benn Barr

Chief Executive

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