AEMC's Strategic Plan

Strategic identity

Why we do what we do

We work for Australia’s future productivity and living standards, by contributing to a decarbonising, affordable and reliable energy system for consumers

Energy is a key input to all sectors of the Australian economy. We recognise that decarbonised, affordable and reliable energy is a key enabler of improved consumer living standards. In our vision for the future, energy simply works for all consumers. Consumers do not worry about their energy bills. Consumers do not worry when they turn on a light switch or charge a device, no matter where they are. Consumers do not worry about blackouts on hot days. Consumers do not worry about contributing to emissions. By ensuring energy simply works for Australian businesses, we help the economy to grow sustainably and competitively, as well as providing certainty for investment, innovation and jobs.

How we do it

We lead, collaborate, adapt and influence

We know that we cannot achieve this vision alone. Many stakeholders are involved in designing, operating, and regulating the energy sector, and we believe it works best when all stakeholders – market bodies, government, industry and consumers – are aligned and working towards a shared goal.

What we do

We listen, make practical rule changes and provide expert advice in a rapidly changing world

As the rule maker and adviser for Australian energy markets, it is our role to understand how the rapidly changing context in which we operate affects the interests of consumers in the long term and design a future-proof system accordingly. We must account for trends such as decarbonisation, technological change and market transformation, and the uncertainty that the interaction between these trends creates in the sector.

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